About Us

Showcasing a rich history of delivering quality masonry craftsmanship, offering extensive expertise to our clients.

Our Vision

At Caruso Bricklaying, we lead with excellence and social responsibility in construction. Our vision is a future defined by quality workmanship and community commitment. Beyond commercial leadership, we’re dedicated to making a positive impact by partnering with local groups, supporting aspiring workers, and giving back to our communities. Our goal is clear: to be a trusted name known for quality, integrity, and making a meaningful impact. Caruso Bricklaying is committed to shaping a better future, one brick at a time.

Established by Ben Caruso in 1995, Caruso Bricklaying has evolved into a leading provider of commercial bricklaying and blocklaying services across Geelong, Melbourne, and regional Victoria. With a rich history of delivering quality masonry craftsmanship, our company offers extensive expertise to clients.

At Caruso Bricklaying, we demonstrate versatility in navigating the evolving landscape of social procurement impact on projects. The company consistently aligns with and exceeds the essential criteria and standards, positioning itself as a reliable and adaptable player in diverse project environments.

We strictly adhere to compulsory rules, regulations, and industry standards to ensure full compliance with project requirements. Our commitment extends to providing meticulously managed and comprehensive professional packages that align with project deadlines, as well as architectural and structural designs.


What sets the Caruso Bricklaying team apart is their profound expertise in bricklaying, blocklaying and structural masonry. Our skilled tradesmen undergo extensive training and maintain all necessary compliance certificates, enabling them to execute tasks with the utmost level of craftsmanship and expertise.

Caruso Bricklaying excels in expertise across a diverse range of sectors, including projects for the Australian Defence Force, the Royal Australian Air Force, Correctional Facilities, and Medical & Health Services, we have also successfully undertaken projects for Major Shopping Centres, Colleges, Aged Care Facilities, Schools, and more.

Who we work with